CarePhos 10.000 SHS

CarePhos 10.000 SHS

Product highlights

  • Unrivaled Heat Stability: Maintains maximum phytase activity after pelleting for consistent phosphorus release.

  • Highly Concentrated: 10,000 FTU/g ensures efficient performance at lower dosage rates, reducing costs.

  • Dual-Action: Releases phosphorus and eliminates anti-nutritional factors at superdose levels for optimal nutrition.


Product details


Source: CarePhos SHS contains a highly active 6-phytase derived from Escherichia coli (E.Coli) bacteria, which is known for its superior performance in breaking down phytate bonds and releasing bound phosphorus.


Dosage: The recommended dosage for CarePhos SHS is 500 FTU/kg of feed, depending on the animal species and dietary composition. For superdosing, the dosage can be increased 3-5 times to achieve additional benefits in eliminating anti-nutritional factors.


Stability: CarePhos SHS is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures during feed processing, with a minimum guaranteed activity of 90% after pelleting at 85°C. This heat stability ensures consistent performance and reduces the need for overage supplementation.


Benefits: By using CarePhos SHS, feed manufacturers can significantly reduce the inclusion of inorganic phosphorus sources like DCP or MDCP in animal diets, leading to lower feed costs and decreased environmental impact from phosphorus waste. The superdosing application of CarePhos SHS further enhances nutrient utilization and supports optimal animal performance.