About us

Welcome to Acare Vietnam,


Acare Vietnam is proud to be a companion to our customers and partners in the livestock and veterinary industry. Acare Vietnam is not just a company - we are a part of the livestock and veterinary community, where our dedicated care and professionalism contribute to the sustainable development of the community and society.


We understand that your success is our success. Therefore, each member of the Acare Vietnam team is dedicated, sincere, and open. We do not just listen - we feel, share, and cooperate with you to find the most optimal solutions for each specific problem.


At Acare Vietnam, each product we provide is not just a commodity, but the result of serious research, understanding, strict requirements, and dedication in every detail. We are proud to bring you high-quality products that help optimize productivity and ensure the health of your livestock.


Not stopping there, we are committed to bringing to the community not only products but also useful knowledge and information through articles and translations in the "technical corner" section, and new information that helps the community not only solve today's problems but also orientate for tomorrow's development.


Your sicerely,


About us