Product highlights

  • Boosts digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Releases extra energy for growth
  • Saves costs and improves animal performance

Product details

EnergyCare is an optimal combination of two enzymes, Pectinase and Beta Mannanase, which work synergistically to enhance the effectiveness of other digestive enzymes. Pectinase breaks the bonds between cells, allowing Beta Mannanase and other enzymes to easily access and digest the compounds in the cell walls. This process helps release energy and other nutrients that were previously unavailable.


By using EnergyCare, farmers can experience several benefits:


  1. Reduced feed costs: The product improves feed efficiency, allowing animals to extract more nutrients from the same amount of feed, ultimately reducing the overall feed costs.

  2. Improved weight gain: As more energy and nutrients become available, animals can utilize them for growth, leading to better weight gain and faster growth rates.

  3. Minimized wet droppings: EnergyCare helps reduce the occurrence of wet droppings, which can be a sign of poor digestion or gut health issues. By improving digestion, the product helps maintain a healthier gut and more consistent droppings.

  4. Increased uniformity: With improved nutrient absorption and gut health, animals within a flock or herd are more likely to grow at a similar rate, resulting in increased uniformity across the group.