Product highlights

  • Contains 60% Tributyrin, independently double-tested before market release.
  • Restores intestinal villi in young animals and inhibits harmful gut bacteria.
  • Improves nutrient absorption and utilization.
  • Reduces diarrhea and weaning stress in young animals.
  • Increases survival rate and daily weight gain in young animals.

Product details

In livestock production, alternatives to antibiotics are essential due to the increasing antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Tributyrin has shown promise in promoting health, modulating gut microbiota, and improving protein digestion, ultimately leading to increased livestock productivity.


Research has demonstrated that tributyrin enhances growth performance and feed efficiency. Notably, tributyrin increases protein absorption, utilization, and synthesis. Increased serum albumin and insulin, reduced urinary and fecal nitrogen excretion have been observed, resulting in higher ADG and G:F. This is attributed to the multiple beneficial effects of tributyrin, particularly its ability to lower stomach pH, thereby activating pepsin and supplementing nutrients to the digestive tract, leading to a larger absorptive surface area.


Higher concentrations of HDL, glucose, and insulin indicate that tributyrin has a regulatory effect on the metabolism of young animals. It can be concluded that tributyrin impacts the gut microbiota and exhibits inhibition against certain sensitive bacterial groups. Supplementation with tributyrin has beneficial effects on animal performance through the development of various relationships among bacterial groups in the gut.


Produced by: Ecovet in collaboration with Hankary Group